on start of Kronstadt rebellion


Before Lenin: Bolshevik Theory and Practice in February 1917 Revisited

Book review: Memories of the Spanish Civil War

Pamphlets on the Spanish revolution and more here discussing the FAI collaboration with the government

women revolutionaries and also “Weren’t We Women First Out on the Streets?”: The Incomplete History of 1917

PSA Communism specialist group

Discussion in (Leninist-Marxist) Communist history and a recent defence of Lenin

Debate in the SWP’s International Socialism: Trotskyite critique of anarchism, anarchist/syndicalist response, and Trotskyite response to the response

good review here of Lih’s Lenin

The Communist Women’s Movement (1921-26) by John Riddell

The Shape of Socialist Strategy by John Riddell

piece on Russian revolution – Pirani

some discussion on the Paris Commune 1871


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