Civil Rights Movement

NYT  piece on the move of Black Lives Matters movement from protest to electoral politics (Feb 2016)

good overview piece on civil rights movement

Good reflection video on one year post-Ferguson twitters:

MLK on riots

witness in Emmett Till case admits lying

good discussion of systemic nature of American racismf

survey (Jul 2015) shows 60% think race relations are bad in US

on post-civil war segregation and how it impacts upon patterns of racial inequality and unrest

8 reasons the curriculum is white

inequality for minorities in post-Civil Rights era

coverage of Obama’s Selma speech (March 2015)

on how CRM affected party politics in the US (and saw votes in the South switch to Republican Party) 

discussion piece on Baltimore riots – and on need for strategy following Baltimore – and 2 maps highlighting inequality in Baltimore

NYT compares Ferguson unrest (August 2014) with CRM unrest of 1960s and data on ongoing racial divide and more here on similarities with how US Right responded then and now and general discussion on how political inequality continues (especially in South); Theory and Even piece here making similar comparisons – on treatment of ‘uppity blacks’ and (white) media portrayal of passive black submission (and also see here for the whole special issue) – here on Obama banning local US police from acquiring heavy weapons (May 2015) – and here on fallout from Texan Pool Party incident (June 2015) (plus resignation of officer involved)

Discussion on Freedom Summer to Ferguson:

Texas voter ID laws controversy (Oct 2014)

recent Supreme Court ruling removing certain sections of Voting Rights Act 1965: report and feature outlining implications of the ruling

and here a discussion of the impact of the Voting Rights Act and one of Civil Rights Act

The Little Rock 9 – then and now


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