Political protest in Britain, 1985-2016

This is an archive of political protest events occurring in Britain from 1985-2016. The method used in collecting the data is available here.


Further discussion here: i-peel.org/homepage/protest

Publications arising from the dataset

Bailey, D.J., (forthcoming) ‘Mapping anti-austerity discourse among social movements: populism, sloganeering, and/or realism?’, in G. Charalambous and G. Ioannou (eds.), Left Radicalism and Populism in Europe, (London, Routledge).

The online appendix for this chapter is available here.

Bailey, D.J., 2014, ‘Contending the crisis: What role for extra-parliamentary British politics?’, British Politics 9(1): 68-92.

Bailey, D.J., 2016, ‘Hard Evidence: this is the Age of Dissent – and there’s much more to come’, The Conversation 11 January 2016.