Current activist groups in UK

Action for Trans Health

Anti-Raids Network

Bent Bars Project



Demilitarise KCL

Disabled People Against the Cuts

English Collective of Prostitutes…/…

Feminist Fightback

Focus E15 Mothers

Green and Black Cross

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth

Housing Action Greenwich and Lewisham

Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union

Justice for Domestic Workers…/

Latin American Workers’ Association

London Campaign Against Police & State Violence

London Coalition Against Poverty

London-Palestine Action

Mental Health Resistance Network

Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary

Movimiento Jaguar Despierto

Precarious Workers Brigade

Schools Against Borders for Children

Sex Worker Open University

Sin Fronteras

Sisters of Frida

Speaking of Imelda

Sisters Uncut

SOAS Detainee Support

SOAS Justice for Cleaners

Unis Resist Border Controls

United Friends and Family Campaign

United Voices of the World

Unity Centre, Glasgow

Women for Refugee Women

Wretched of the Earth

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