Revolution in Rojava

While the world watched in shock the raise of ISIS in late 2014, leaving a trail of destruction and unspeakable atrocities behind, Kurdish guerrillas came to put a halt to their seemingly unstoppable expansion. They achieved this after months of fierce resistance from the besieged town of Kobane. Their heroic resistance and the determination in defending their own people soon put the Kurdish liberation movement in the spotlight. Until that moment, few had noticed what was going on in Western Kurdistan, the Kurdish territory within the boundaries of the Syrian State. Then, all of a sudden, the world heard about the YPG, a guerrilla movement close to the PKK in Northern Kurdistan (ie., Kurdish territories in the Turkish State), a movement that in the highly sectarian environment of the last decade in the Middle East, respect all creeds and gives an equal standing to women in its ranks. They also heard that since 2011 the Kurdish movement had started building, from the bottom up, a new society based on the concepts of egalitarianism, direct democracy, communalism and respect for the environment. They called this unique system –that clearly distanced itself from State-centric political theories- democratic confederalism. The news about this movement have been an oasis of excitement in the midst of the calamities of a perverse war, capturing the imagination of millions around the world who see in this experience important lessons to build viable alternatives to the current global mess.




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