Recent articles on left in context of Syriza victory

Much of this is hoovered up from the excellent Left Blog

Why is Die Linke silent over Syriza success?

the trouble with Syriza




debate on the Grexit

The Alternative in Greece – The negotiation strategy of Syriza’s leadership failed. But it’s not too late to avert total defeat.

why podemos is not syriza

Varoufakis: why I became an erratic Marxist

evaluation of Syriza’s first steps in negotiations with Troika

interview with Pablo Iglesias

influence on left in CEECs

map of Greek left

on influence of Laclau

discussion of Podemos

discussion of Syriza coalition partners ANEL

PSA Greek politics speicalist group pamphlets

on absence of new anti-austerity parties in Portugal

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