Policing the Spectacle – dissent will not be tolerated!

In what was perhaps one of the most remarkable displays of policing in Britain in recent years, virtually all forms of dissent were prohibited in the 48 hours surrounding the spectacular ceremony held to commemorate the marriage of a hugely rich legacy of British feudalism. Speculation was made as to the motives for this somewhat bizarre act of policing – made perhaps more bizarre by the fact that there were virtually no protests planned for the day… – with most agreeing that it was potentially revenge for earlier protests making the police look stupid (the black bloc on March 26th being the most obvious example), an attempt to show just how strong the police response could be to dissent (in advance of any future  anti-cuts protests), an attempt by the police to show itself to be a remarkably effective enforcer of law and order (in a highly sympathetic context), or an attempt to stretch the limits of legal policing and test out what would be acceptable or otherwise in austerity (but hysterical with pro-monarchism) Britain.

Below are clips and links highlighting the various forms of political control used to ensure that no dissent whatsoever occurred for the spectacle:


summary of events in Open Democracy

Social Centres raided


Tesco, Bristol arrests – 17 year old charged with attempted murder

earlier F&M arrests designed to prevent Wedding protest

Interesting discussion of police outlawing anarchists – thought crimes, civil liberties…

also, a list of facebook political pages that were closed down on the same day – which the police would later neither confirm nor deny that they were involved in(!)…


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