Update on Italian Protests

…After the students movements against the University reform, now approved, which basically cuts even more the funds to public education and research:

…After the workers protests against FIAT’s chief executive Marchionne’s plan to reduce workers’ rights in order to improve the industry’s results, and after the referendum approving these new rules was passed (Marchionne had stated that he would move the FIAT abroad if the referendum didn’t pass, thus making all the Italians lose their jobs):

…It is now the turn of women, who today gathered in the streets of the main Italian cities to protest agaist our male-centric government and the “use” that Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi does of women:

Here are some pictures of the women protest in Rome:

I don’t know whether things are really going to change in Italy. The truth is that 20 years of Berlusconi’s government have radically changed the ideas beneath politics, culture, sexuality and rights in Italy. Silvio Berlusconi owns the three main TV channels, which have constructed a new perception of morality and ethics, by filling TV with half-naked women and meaningless shows of entartainment which have over time made the public unaware of more important issues. I don’t know if it is too late to wake the consciences of Italian people and bring a change to this new set of values constructed within them (the so-called “berlusconism”), based on indifference, acceptance, and a “everybody does it, why shouldn’t I?” approach.
But these protest movements definitely give me some hope.

Giulia Sergi

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One Response to Update on Italian Protests

  1. Matt says:

    thanks for this Giulia, interesting stuff!

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