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3-part series on anarchism

No Gods No Masters

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Footage from Catalonia general strike

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John McDonnell on ‘governing from the radical left’


at this event organised by The World Transformed

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This event might be of interest to those studying the Russian Revolution


4 November 2017 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Congress House, London

The Russian Revolution Centenary Committee is excited to announce this international all-day event with sessions including:

  • An introduction to the history of the Russian Revolution
  • The impact of Russian revolutionary politics on British society and the labour movement
  • International perspectives on the contemporary relevance of the Russian Revolution


Speakers Include:

Tosh McDonald – President, ASLEF

Andrew Murray – Chief of Staff, Unite the Union.

Mike Wayne –  academic, educationalist, filmmaker, activist and cultural theorist.Professor in Screen Media, Brunel University.

Sarah Badcock – historian of Imperial and revolutionary Russia, author ‘A prison without walls? Eastern Siberian exile in the last years of Tsarism’

Mary Davis – women’s and labour movement historian, author ‘Sylvia Pankhurst: A Life in Radical Politics’, founder Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee

Aleida Guevara – paediatrician, Cuban revolutionary, Angolan medical mission veteran, and daughter of Che Guevara

David Lane – leading academic and writer on USSR, state socialism, Marxism and class

Christine Lindey – pioneering art historian, Morning Star arts critic, author ‘Art in the Cold War: from Vladivostok to Kalamazoo’

Richard Leonard, MSP – Labour Party’s frontbench spokesperson on the economy in the Scottish Parliament 

Vijay Prashad – historian, editor LeftWord Books, author ‘No Free Left: The Futures of Indian Communism’

Brinda Karat – MP for West Bengal Communist Party of India (Marxist), former student activist and trade union organiser, leading Indian women’s movement activist

Teresita Vicente de Sotalongo – Cuban Ambassador in London

Adrian Weir – labour movement historian, Asst Chief of Staff, Unite

Johanna Scheringer-Wright – MP for Thuringia and German Left Party (Die Linke) member

Vyacheslav Tetekin – veteran of Soviet solidarity with African liberation movements, former MP Russian Duma CP of Russian Federation, member of editorial board of Sovetskaya Rossiya (Soviet Russia)


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On the left?

“But what would it mean to escape “the economic aspects of liberalism”? Would it mean merely high wages; universal health care and education; a right to housing; strong labor unions?

To be clear, I am in favor of all of those things.”

Peter Frase, What it means to be on the left, Jacobin

Full article here

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Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbyn

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Is social democracy facing extinction in Europe?

One of the more surprising aspects of Labour’s strong performance in the UK’s general election is that it came at a time when social democratic parties have experienced falling support in other countries across Europe. Davide Vittori asks whether the exceptionally poor results of parties such as the French Socialist Party in recent elections herald the end of social democracy as we know it in Europe.


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violence of austerity

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Martyrdom, the Apocalyptic Bible, and Bob Crow in Rojava

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