Naomi Klein interviews Jeremy Corbyn

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Is social democracy facing extinction in Europe?

One of the more surprising aspects of Labour’s strong performance in the UK’s general election is that it came at a time when social democratic parties have experienced falling support in other countries across Europe. Davide Vittori asks whether the exceptionally poor results of parties such as the French Socialist Party in recent elections herald the end of social democracy as we know it in Europe.


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violence of austerity

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Martyrdom, the Apocalyptic Bible, and Bob Crow in Rojava

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Democratic Socialists of America

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Decolonising revolutions: the Haitian revolution

Professor Gurminder Bhambra on how taking the Haitian revolution seriously would enable us to transform our understandings of democracy in the present


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Protesting Trump’s administration

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Romania protests, Feb 2017

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Left wing alternatives in Portugal

There is no alternative, or is there? The historic experiment of the left-wing government in Portugal

marco-lisiFollowing elections in October 2015, António Costa formed a government in Portugal that included the support of some of the country’s radical left parties. Marco Lisi assesses how the government has performed since it took power. He argues that while the government has not achieved everything it set out to do, the successes that have been achieved in office illustrate that radical left and centre-left parties can form an effective alternative to parties on the right of the political spectrum.

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