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Chile in Flames

The 2019-20 uprising in Chile shook the country and offered a symbol of hope to many suffering under neoliberalism across the world, as well as causing concern for those experiencing and witnessing the level of state repression that the Chilean state imposed upon its citizens. These two documentaries were produced by a group of Chileans living in Leipzig, Germany (one of whom is an ex-student of Left Parties and Protest Movements).

The story behind the film:

From the beginning of the outbreak of the mass protests in Chile on October 18, 2019, a large quantity of phone recordings depicting violence by state forces against protesters began to circulate on the web. For Chileans living abroad, these videos were essential for finding out what was happening back home. When the curfew was imposed and the violence continued to escalate, a group of Chileans living in Leipzig, Germany, decided to meet to find a way to visibilize what was happening in the Latin American country given the little coverage that was given to the matter in the national and international press. The idea was to create a video to project on the streets of Leipzig, showing not only the human rights violations, but also the political background of the protests in Chile.

Shortly after Chile in Flames was released, and went viral, one of the production team members was travelling to Chile to document what was happening firsthand. The purpose of this trip was to record the stories of various people who were living this process, and as such to show what was happening beyond the protests and abuse by state forces that were making the headlines. At the time of filming, the new modes of organization that were happening, such as assemblies and neighbourhood meetings, were ubiquitous. And whilst the interviews for the documentary were recorded, back in Leipzig the collective continued to organize activities including talks, concerts, gatherings, collective meals, and the performance by the Valparaíso collective “Las Tesis”.

The interest and support of people in Leipzig and in the rest of the world through social networks was essential both for giving the project impulse and for gathering the financial support that made the production possible. In order to define the editorial line freely and independently, it was decided to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign in addition to community activities.

The Chile in Flammen collective is comprised of Melisa Matzner, Javiera Prada, Daniela Huenchuan, Martina Schliessler and Nicolás Rupcich.

More information here:

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footage of the Yellow Vests protests

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alternative view of Venezuela

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To: Women in struggle everywhere in the world


February 2019
To: Women in struggle everywhere in the world
From: The Zapatista Women

Sister, compañera:

We as Zapatista women send you our greetings as the women in struggle that we all are.

fully copy of the letter here

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The ‘new’ climate politics of Extinction Rebellion?

Creating a movement that can have the impact XR aims for will require confronting the political as well as the moral challenges posed by climate change.


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report on the Stansted 15

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on Rojava

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Stansted 15

on the conviction of anti-deportation campaigners using legislation designed to prevent terrorism

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anti-Tommy Robinson march

9 February 2018

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Concerning Corbynism: conceptualising the Labour Party’s post-third way turn

‘Concerning Corbynism: conceptualising the Labour Party’s post-third way turn’, in E. Stetter, K. Duffek and A. Skrzypek (eds.), Next Left: Delivering Empowered Welfare Societies (FEPS: Brussels and RI: Vienna).

This paper explores the emerging position of the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. It does so through an engagement with some of the key theories of social democratic parties, in combination with an overview of the concrete development of the Labour Party under Corbyn. The aim of the chapter, therefore, is to set out the central elements and tensions that constitute the Labour Party during its Corbyn phase, the key pressures that have generated these developments, and the likely trajectories for change that we might glean from such an analysis. Whilst the study of the Labour Party under Corbyn is of interest on its own terms, it is also of interest as it has the potential to provide an experiment and/or a ‘route map’ for social democratic parties considering alternative trajectories in a broader context marked by both declining electoral support and questions over the best way to shore up ideological distinctiveness and coherence.

Available here

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